Where Should I Store My RV in Arizona?

Published on 2/11/2022

New RV driving through the desert in Arizona

Where Should I Store My RV in Arizona?

Whether it's to or through, Arizona attracts many travelers annually. In addition, the Grand Canyon State brings in a lot of RV campers throughout the country. Destination RV LLC is here to cover the four major selling points to look for in suitable RV storage spaces while parked under the beautiful Arizona night sky. View our sitemap at our website today!

Resourceful Amenities 

Don't leave your water, propane, and waste levels unchecked for too long. The best RV storage spaces will have some form of service for all three so that you can be ready for the road right when you leave. Our RV storage space in Pheonix always has these services and is prepared for every visitor.


A home on wheels is the jackpot for looters when they find an RV unprotected. So always pick an RV storage space that maintains constant surveillance and recordings that deter thieves. Our gated facility monitors onsite, 24 hours a day to maintain the highest level of security possible.

Repair Center

We couldn't imagine an RV facility that wants you leaving the same or even worse than when you arrived. Do yourself a favor and choose a destination that offers complete repair services to fix what you need while you relax for the journey ahead.


We don't blame you for skipping the locations stranded in the middle of nowhere. The heightened activity RV storage centers get from being located just off major highways increases natural traffic flow to the site. It also helps them fend away more shady actions due to the heightened public exposure. We're located right off of S Mountain Freeway 202 in Lavenn Village for everyone's convenience 

Make every part of your trip count for greatness with good treatment to yourself and your RV. Call or reserve your spot online today!